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Accounting services

Soraya Kardi Accounting specializes in accounting for Construction Businesses, Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Solopreneurs, as well as SMEs. Whether you are a start-up or looking to outsource your entire accounting department, we have the optimal solution for your business.

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
Bill Payment Services
GST & PST Filing
Office Administrative Work
Payroll Services
Preparation of Financial Statements & Customized Reporting
Advice on Better Business Processes & Procedures
Full Set Up of Accounting Software and Chart of Accounts
Clean Up Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeeping Training Services
Personal & Corporate Tax
Financial Planning & Investment Strategies

Bookkeeping Services

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Specifically designed for business owners who are up-to-date with their businesses bookkeeping.

Catch Up Bookkeeping Services

Specifically designed for business owners who are more or less than two years behind on their businesses bookkeeping.

Clean Up Bookkeeping Services

Specifically designed for business owners who are in need to clean up their pre-existing bookkeeping.


Bookkeeping Training Services

Specifically designed for business owners and individuals who are eager to learn the in’s and outs of how to properly set up their bookkeeping systems, accurately record data, reconcile statements, and more.

Personal & Corporate Taxes

Specifically designed for individuals and businesses who need assistance with filing their tax returns.

Financial Planning & Investment Services

Specifically designed for business owners who understand that today’s economic environment presents many challenges; however, along with these challenges arise many opportunities for redirection and greater rewards for those who can identify long-term trends. We are aligned with experienced individuals in tax, finance, law, and insurance, who design personalized capital preservation strategies and solutions to maintain and increase wealth for each individual and the next generations to follow.

Personal and Corporate Tax

To provide access to funds from corporations and trusts, we create tax efficiencies within businesses.

Estate Planning

To ensure asset transfer and maximize value for beneficiaries, we implement tax solutions for existing shareholders.

Generational Wealth Transfer

To preserve and maintain wealth for the next generations, we mitigate risks through financial planning strategies.

Asset Protection

To guarantee the security of hard-earned individual and business assets, we set assurances and protections through our proprietary planning.

Embrace A Growth Lifestyle

Soraya Kardi Accounting operates in a way that evokes fulfillment through creating qualitative financials, that provide the road map for great business decisions and soaring success. If you want to maximize your potential, it is imperative to make every action count. You must determine what your values are, where you want to go and what needs to be done to get there. The truth behind being intentional is about focusing on doing the things that will get you closer to your dreams, day by day, in a consistent manner, while delegating specific areas to help you elevate in others.

Focus On Your Passion

Soraya Kardi Accounting understands that time is the most valuable thing an individual can spend. The time you spend trying to monopolize your financials, takes away the time you could be investing in your purpose and multiplying your revenue. Our services will help you dominate your finances and dynamize your growth.

Protect your peace of mind

Soraya Kardi Accounting believes that everything great arises when one detaches from the outcomes. Every moment you spend on stressing about certain outcomes, you are focusing and projecting on the future, when instead you should be expending all your energy in the present, protecting your peace and utilizing the specific tools to get you there. The best in the world detach from their outcomes while executing. When you do so, all of the stress and pressures go away and you begin to operate in a space of equanimity.